The Proof

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Written by Anthony Farrar November 12th, 2009

The proof is on his hands
The proof is in the way that he stands
The proof is good things you say about him
The proof is right in front of you….

Cause the proof is
This town
Always looked up and never looked down
On him
He’s a good man
He’s a strong man
He’s my grandpa man

He never wears his hat inside
Wife of 50 years still by his side
With his two hands
Built his own home
If that ain’t the proof then what is

Served his time in WWII
Never asked a thing of you
Taught his family to build trust
Built his business from a cloud of dust

His 84th birthday was yesterday
Man I can tell how he’s aged
Can see in his face he wants to do more
But grandpa you’ve got so much to be proud for……