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  1. Anthony Farrar

    Glad some one is using my name as a positive force in the world. 😉
    Identiy theft at its best 😛

  2. Abbie Farrar

    Hey cuz!!! hopin you remember me? I’m Dan’s daughter. I just wanted to say That I’m gonna follow in your footsteps and hopefully make it big someday!! keep in touch!!

    1. anthony

      Haha! Good to hear from you. If you make it big you won’t be following my footsteps, but I wish you well. Tell everyone hello for me.


  3. diane palmer

    Dear Anthony,

    I noticed from the Lumberyard Steakhouse in Zenda, KS monthly newsletter, you will be there on Saturday, November 13th at 9:00pm.

    Great!! Phone the Lumberyard for dinner reservations: open Saturday for dinner from 5-11 PM. 620-243-6000. Best steaks in Kansas, better than Scotch and Sirloin Restaurant in Wichita.

    Why don’t you have that on your website? Lumberyard is a great historic venue for you and the community at large. I think your fans will enjoy the atmosphere.

    Look forward to listening to your music,

    Diane Molitor Palmer
    PS You have a great voice and sound.

  4. Andrea Farrar

    Anth – Days before any show I never see you. Is this how it is going to be when you make it big…us never seeing each other?

    Love love,
    Andrea Marie

    PS – Awesome job this weekend! Probably one of my favorite shows!

    1. Hope not honey. My guess is that making it big is a long shot, so you’ll have to put up with me quite a bit. Playing shows in
      Barber County, KS ain’t quite the big time, but maybe if we could get out to Kingman or Pratt County I may quit my day job! Ha!
      Love You,


  5. Leslie M.

    Anthony!!! You have a CD and web site….you rock! Next thing you know you are going to have groupies! Just wanted to say CONGRATS and your music is amazing. I need to order a CD….but I would like mine autographed of course:)

    1. Thanks Les! Of course I will sign a CD for you. I mail out all the website orders myself anyways so it aint no thing. Hope to see you soon at a show! Later

  6. Terri Novak

    Love your songs! Especially like Innocence of Our Youth. You are doing great – keep it up and hope to hear you in person soon.

    1. anthony

      thanks so much aunt Terri!

  7. Sam

    Hey Anthony!
    The website looks great! Of course my fave song is 30 is the new 20!!! Come up and play in Manhattan!

  8. Robin Burns

    Tony!! So bummed I missed the CD release 🙁 Sounds great!

  9. Allan colborn

    This is a awsome collection!! I loved the CD. The Proof reached out and grabbed me about your grandad who also one of my heroes!

    1. Anthony

      Thanks so much for the compliments. Glad your listening. Spread the word!

  10. Jordan P

    Heard about the big bash the other night, wish I could have been there! Congrats man, can’t wait to hear it! The website is awesome too, my personal favorite is the “Rate Your Favorite Song” Poll. Keep on rockin man!


  11. Michele Miller

    Anthony, I am so proud of you. Love the CD, and the web site. Of course I can not listen to The Proof without a tear in my eye. What a special song for your grandpa and my dad. You are a very special person and I love how all of your songs have true meaning. We wish you lots of luck and can not wait to get our copies of the CD.
    Luv ya’ Aunt Michele

  12. Katlyn

    Congrats Anth!!..Soo happy for you!

  13. stitchin:) MT

    Great time at the cd release party. So proud of you. Your songs are full of meaning. MT

    1. Anthony

      thanks ma!

  14. Jayne Rynerson

    Congradulations!!! The CD is terrific and so are you!

    1. Anthony

      Thanks. I’m so glad you like it.

  15. Chris Schaller

    Anthony Farrar………you rock

    1. Anthony

      Butters……… rock!

  16. steve clark

    Purchased a c.d. through your website,might give some cats in Nashville a listen if you dont mind.

    1. Anthony


      Absolutely feel free to pass it on to anyone. Thank you.

  17. Jen Bowe

    Hey Anthony! Love the website. Listened to the CD, it was fantastic. You are so talented. Can’t wait to get a copy for myself!

    1. Anthony

      Hey Jen. Thanks for the compliments. I have Aaron to thank for the website looking awesome! He is so talented. I have CDs all around town so go grab you a copy! Later

  18. Kevin Meier

    Hey man! Congrats on the webpage and new cd! I look forward to getting my hands on one! Keep up the good work!


    1. Anthony

      Hi Kevin. Hey man wish you could have been at the CD release. The Goose was packed!! We play “Take Her Home” and it went over awesome. Divided the room in half and they were echoing “Take Her Home”….. money! Call me when youre coming home next, we will jam.

  19. Mark B. Steffen, M.D

    I was given a copy of the “The Proof” on Tuesday by David. Spent the afternoon listening several times. It seems a blend of John Cougar and Garth Brooks. The more I listened, the more I was impressed. What creativity both musically and lyrically. The song “The Proof” is about my Granddad, also!

    Several songs are clearly Top 40 quality. I am a huge fan. A star is born!!!

    1. Anthony

      Thanks Mark. It was very nice to meet you Saturday. It was awesome you came down all the way from Hutch. Glad you like “The Proof”. It is awesome when your songs can relate to people. Take care. See you next show……….whenever that is. Haha

  20. Looking forward to the show this weekend!

  21. Mason

    Hey, Anthony, glad to see that this is moving right along. Site looks great.

  22. Christi Rutan

    Very cool website Anth. Some new songs here that I really like. We are all so proud of you. Christi

  23. David Kolbek

    Website coming together. Looks real nice, good job!

  24. stitchin:) MT

    Your website is awsome.