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Name: Anthony Farrar

Birthplace: Medicine Lodge, Kansas

Birthdate: March 16, 1983

I bought my first guitar in February, 2005. Within a couple of months, I had written my first song. The main reason I began writing my own songs was because I was no good at learning other’s songs. Regardless of my reasons, I knew I had found a new passion and love in my life.

Since that time, I feel my songwriting has progressed steadily as I learn more and more about music every time I play. I have recorded two homemade CD’s: “Six Month Old Guitar” and “Wasting Time With Women”. These were very fun to make at the time, however they were very poor quality.

I have recently finished my first studio CD “The Proof,” recorded at Aletheos Studios in Wichita, KS. This is a compilation of songs I have written from 2005 to present, my favorites being “Kansas Nights”, a song about country cruising on Kansas dirt roads, and “The Proof”, a song written about my love and admiration for my grandpa. In 2009, I joined up with David Kolbek, currently of Medicine Lodge, KS. Since that time he has mentored me into a much better musician. Dave was nice enough to donate much of his time developing lead guitar parts for many of my songs, and even writing the music for the song “Innocence of Our Youth.”

We hope you enjoy the new CD and are able to see the hard work we have put into it over the last few months. Please come out and see us at our upcoming shows, and pick up a CD. You won’t be disappointed.