Small Town Livin’

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Written by Anthony Farrar December 5, 2009

Every night after work
We sit around drinkin’ beer…
Tellin’ stories, gettin’ drunk
Good people, good friends, it’s all here…
And I would wanna be…anywhere but here…

Well that’s small town livin’
You sin then you’re forgiven
Work hard, play hard
Man we’re really livin’…
Your dollar ain’t no good in these parts
A favor for a favor
we all got big hearts…
The only thing you’ll spend around here
Is time with your family and friends
And that’s small town livin’

You’re broke down
you’re flat broke
Your wife just left
You’re all outta smokes
Well don’t worry
We’re here for you
Here’s a $20
Here’s a light
And a home brew
About her…
We’ll move on
Let’s get this car runnin’ and head back home…

There’s Billy Joe, Bobby Sue
Big T-Mac, and sweet Cindy Lou…
Same thing goes on here night after night…
From the truck
To the bar
He took her home
Did they get very far…
Everyone wants to know what they did when they turned out the lights…