Rock Solid Angel

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Written by Anthony Farrar February 2, 2009

9am… doctors callin’
They gotta take her in
Don’t take her
I’d be there…
But I’m out on the road

I’d swear to God
But I can’t
Cause I know He’s a listenin’

She’s my rock solid angel
She puts her foot down
She’s tough as hell

Take care of her
She takes care of me…
Was blind but now I see

She’s my rock solid angel
Wrap your angel wings around me

3 hours later the nurse in the hall
Says there’s some complications
We’re not sure what we’re up against…
Just start prayin’ and please have patience
I dropped down on bended knee
And said God are you listenin’ to me?

You wanna gamble
You wanna bet…
3 to 1, I know she makes it

She’s hard as hell to love sometimes
Don’t get your hopes up… she’s all mine
And no one can take her away from me

6am… I wake up
Was it all a bad dream
I roll over
There she is…
Lyin’ right next to me

With a smile…
And a kiss
I don’t need words at a time like this