Kansas Nights

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Written by Anthony Farrar April, 2005

Drinkin’ beer one Friday night with me, a Chevy, and my buddies
Lift kit and a 4-wheel drive just lookin’ to get a bit muddy
Got a CD case filled with Johnny, Hank and George
Dirt roads up ahead that can’t be ignored
And tonight’s a night we’ll never forget
And we can’t be stopped now

And we’re just lookin’ for a good time
Everybody’s feelin’ fine
We got brew, chew, and some sangria wine
We’re on a roll now, the road’s headed south
Just lettin’ it all hang out, and we’re alright now….

We got no destination and no explanation
For our women when we get back home
Well we run from the cops
As we drive through the crops
As the new guy bitches and moans
We’ll probably find a Kansas fight on a Kansas night
Ain’t that always the way it goes
How it’ll turn out with peace or a bout
Hell I guess nobody knows

Well the night’s windin’ down
3 out of 4 are passed out
We need a one-way ticket to bed
How we stayed out of jail, hell no one can tell
I guess it’s better left unsaid
And as I look through the night
I see the glow of the light
Just guidin’ our way back in
And as I cruise back to town
I turn the radio down
And think of how the night began