Innocence of Our Youth

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Written by Anthony Farrar August 24th, 2009

I remember when I was little
Watchin’ my dad lace up his boots
I was so amazed
The way he’d swing those strings through the loops
And now I’m late for work
As I roll out of bed
A flashback comes to me
As I lace up my boots

I remember the good times that I’ve had
Playin’ catch with my old man
Ridin’ my bike to the city pool
Chasin’ little girls around at school
The donut shop was never far
And I was so close to my parents’ heart
And there ain’t nothin’ like….
The innocence of our youth

I’m buried beneath my covers
The smell of breakfast hovers
Bedroom light flips on and off
I holler at my mom to stop
As I wake up, I open my eyes
Realize its my new wife
It wasn’t my mom at all
And I’m not late for school

My wedding bells will ring today
I know we’ll have kids someday
I know I’ll teach ‘em wrong from right
But I want my kids to have that life