Four Walls

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Written by Anthony Farrar

Well I hammer my nail
Next swing, I hit my thumb
Then I grit my teeth, start to cussin’
And then I move on
Well I buildin’ my walls
Just tryin’ to make ends meet
Yea I’m buildin’ her myself
Through my sweat and the Kansas heat

And these four walls
I built them strong
They give me somethin’ to lean on
Through wind and rain
They will not strain
Worth every ounce of sweat
Every bit of pain
And I appreciate, what I have
I know it ain’t much
But I’m gonna lean on
My family, my friends
And these four walls

Now I’m off to my work
Where my boss is a jerk
Gotta get my job done
Yea I’m in it for the cash
So I bust my ass
But I try to make it fun
I’m an optimistic guy
I think I know why
You can’t get me down
Cause at the end of the day
This truck carries me away
To the place I where the crown

My family, my friends
And these four walls