30 is the New 20

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Written by Anthony Farrar August, 2009

I never liked you in that way
For some reason you decided to stay
I never wanted it to end like this
But somewhere this story took a twist

It starts with long legs and neon lights
And stayin’ up all night
Red heads and brunettes
How many can I get
I’m livin’ free
The way I wanna be
I’m takin’ my time
Restin’ easy….
Cause I recently heard
30’s the new 20

Haven’t had a date since you left
It kinda bothers me a little I guess
Nobody’s called me all damn night
I guess when I go out there’ll be no fight

Yes I live alone
But I’m not answerin’ that phone
Cause I know its you
And no offense, but I got my own life to live
Livin’ free….